Beard and moustache transplant
Beard and moustache transplants with the DHI method

Beard and moustache transplants are procedures that are performed both for men who have facial hair loss and for those who cannot grow a beard.

The ability to grow a beard and moustache plays a considerable role in a man’s style.
Beard and moustache transplants are the best solution in cases of hair loss due to testosterone for men who want to experience a life with facial hair.

With a beard transplant, you can finally see the hair on your face grow back.

Beard transplants are generally performed with the DHI method and the procedure is almost analogous to the one of hair transplants. The primary donor area is the nape area (area between the back of the ears). In this area, the follicles are taken individually, and then re-implanted in the sparsest beard areas. The procedure is carried out with the use of a special pen-shaped tool, the implanter.

Facial transplant operations with the FUE method are performed under local anaesthesia and there are no cases of severe pain, in the same way as in hair transplant.
Following the operation there will be no scars or spots.

Beard or Moustache Transplant Phases

The procedure, just as in the case of other transplant operations, begins a the surgical consultation. There are two parameters taken into consideration during the consultation: first, the possibilities regarding the concerned area; second, the number of grafts that can be taken from the donor area.


During the procedure, the beard hair growth direction is taken into consideration, in order to obtain a completely natural result.
There are two main stages in a beard transplant, just as in the case of a hair transplant; the graft extraction from the donor area and graft insertion in the affected area.
The donor hair will be taken from the area between the ears on the back of the neck and will be grafted one by one using the FUE technique.

Cleaning and PRP

The day after the operation, patients undergo cleaning and PRP treatment at the clinic. Before leaving the clinic, you will be given specific instructions regarding the post-operative period and post-intervention assistance will also be provided.


A week after the procedure, the affected area will look very natural.
The healing process of the donor area is also fast and in 15 days it will recover the appearance it had before the operation.
The healing instructions are the same as for hair transplant surgeries with the FUE method.
After six months the patients will be able to see the final result and in 12-18 months it will be possible to admire a thick and natural beard.

Who are the ideal candidates for beard transplants?

Men who want a thick and natural-looking beard or moustache, and those who have undergone hair loss or have a spotty diffusion while still having enough “donor hair” are the ideal candidates for a facial hair transplant.

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