Hair transplant for women
Why a hair transplant for women?

For women even more than so for men, hair loss can be an especially embarrassing and uncomfortable experience. It is very difficult for a woman to hide thinning hair, and the conditions for undergoing a transplant are different than for men.

Women who turn to our clinics for a hair transplant with the FUE technique usually do it for the following reasons:

  • Skin and scalp problems;
  • An accident, a burn or a head injury;
  • Anaemia;
  • Thyroid gland disorders;
  • Severe emotional stress;
  • Wrong diet;
  • Androgenetic alopecia.
A new hope in our clinic

There are two types of hair loss in women: male and female. First and foremost, we will analyse the types and, the causes of female pattern baldness, as well as display some of the peculiarities of hair transplants for women.

The male type

In women suffering from the male type of hair loss, the hairline tends to recede. In this case, a hair transplant can be performed without any complications. The procedure is performed even if hair loss occurs only in a limited area.

The female type

With the female type of baldness, the entire head area suffers from hair loss. In this case, transplants are not recommended, although there are other solutions available, such as tricopigmentation for example. What we must always keep in mind is that hair loss in women can be due to a pathological cause, such as anaemia, hormones, etc. In these cases, the cause of the phenomenon must be diagnosed and treated.

Other causes

Not all hair loss cases can be attributed to hormonal imbalances or particular pathologies. Accidents, injuries, or burns are other common causes of hair loss. In many cases, excellent results can be obtained through transplantation. However, hair transplants are not the only accessible possibility, so we try to offer our patients the most suitable solution for their unique case.

How do hair transplants work for women?

In our clinic we use the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplant method, which has proven to be incredibly effective over the years and has no painful post-operative courses for patients. It is a method that involves the extraction of small groups of hair (follicular units) with the help of a hollow needle.

The follicular units are extracted from a donor area of ​​the scalp that has good hair density and are then inserted into the recipient area without producing any kind of scarring. Some other transplant methods can have negative effects, such as producing deep wounds in the donor area and annoying scars. To avoid these unpleasant situations, our clinic opts for the FUE technique.

Voluminous hair in a short time

Hair transplants with the FUE technique are quite simple. They are performed under local anaesthesia and do not cause any particular stress to the patient. Through this system, it is possible to extract and transplant up to 3000 follicles without ever having to make a cut.

The transplanted hair will begin to grow healthy and thick in the recipient area, as well as in the donor area. There is no need to shave the entire scalp and there will be no unpleasant aesthetic drawbacks, such as scarring. During the postoperative period, as after all surgical operations, there will be some simple steps to be followed, but the patient can quickly return to his or her daily routine.

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